Top Best Noise Isolating Earbuds in 2020

We have often come across a question that which earphone is better for us and which is not? And whether the headset will meet our expectations or not? Whether it will reduce the external noise and leave us with our music? 

We raise all these questions in front of any retailer in case we enter a retail outlet in our locality to purchase an earphone. Aren't we?

You have finally ended up in the right place to solve all your queries at the time of purchasing any earphone. We have given our efforts that you might end up giving before purchasing any headsets.

Before heading to our main attraction of which headphones to pursue, let us first solve and clear a query we often receive regarding the difference between a 'Noise-Isolating Earbuds' and 'Noise-Cancelling Earbuds'. It becomes essential for you to know this difference at the time of purchasing any earbuds.

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds vs. Noise-Isolating Earbuds

If you are in a thought that noise-cancelling earbuds will delete all your background noise, then probably you are on the wrong track. Noise-cancelling earbuds just delete the low-level frequency of noise like the humming of a plane or any helicopter engine. It does not remove the noise of someone talking in your next seat. It usually removes noise of around 18 dB.

Noise-isolating earbuds cut all the noise that ranges in 25-30 dB. You can easily focus and concentrate on music.

Usually, noise-cancelling earbuds are preferred by people who are traveling on a plane or in train and want to deduct the plane engine or railway train noise that is created by wheels and tracks. Whereas, they are not bothered about what neighbor is speaking. 

And noise-isolating earbuds are preferred by people who need better sound quality like someone recording inside a studio, and already there is silence occupied in the studio. 

Please make a note here, when we say that deducts a noise of range 25-30 dB, we mean 0 to 30 dB. Usually, the owners of the company mention the top quality of the product. But along with it, they say ranging from 25-30 dB, that means 0 to 30 dB. So don't get amazed and surprised by the number game they play. 

So now, we come on to a very important question about what a person should check at the time of purchasing any earbud. We have found five pointers that we have listed below for you to check at the time of buying any earbud.

  • Noise Isolation 

One of the advantages of purchasing any earbud is its power of isolating you from the background noise and keeping you aloof with your music. And if the earbud has the potential of creating better space for you with your music and remove all the background noise, then such earbud is recommendable and desirable.

Suppose you are in a shopping mall, and you want to concentrate on your music along with purchasing your grocery, then at such times the noise isolating quality of your earbud comes handy.

  • Comfort provided by the earbud

The majority of the noise-isolating earbud has an in-ear canal design that keeps you away from the background noise. In such a case, the comfort provided by the earbud plays a significant role.

Whether it creates a situation of irritation for you or not, it doesn't? Whether it is adaptable and fits appropriately inside your ear or not? All these will answer the question of comfort provided by your earbud. It would be best if you desired to purchase an earbud that gives you maximum comfort though you have thousands of options available to buy.

  • Capability to serve you the same quality without any wire

We have seen so many qualities of earbuds available in the market to choose from that provide wireless capabilities, especially after the advent of the Bluetooth technology.

Gone are the days when you had to hide your wire either inside your pocket. It is time to encash the experience of using Bluetooth technology with wireless earbuds that can isolate you from all background noise and help you engross in your music. 

Thus, you have a chance to move freely without any worries of wire. And therefore, such earbuds are good for our early morning exercise or our gym sessions, especially when someone wants to stay handsfree while traveling inside a train.

  • How long will it sustain?

To understand how long your product will sustain, judge it using the warranty period that comes along with your product. The smaller your warranty period, remember, smaller will be its sustenance. This is just our understanding of the warranty period. Even the company loses its hope in the product after a period.

The higher the warranty period, the higher is the product's durability. And while selecting an earbud from thousands of options available, select the optimum one.

  • Most importantly, whether it is sweatproof?

In a climate like we have in India, especially when it is summer, we sweat hard. As well as when we are in for a gym session, it is evident that we will be sweating. 

Earbuds come with the sweat-resistant quality that keeps them non-breakable with the moisture it comes in contact with. If not sweat-resistant, the product might get affected at the time of gym sessions where you might sweat profusely. So, you need most durable earbuds which can last long.

Remembering the qualities, we need to check at the time of purchasing the earbuds; it's time for us to list 3 top selling and best buying noise isolating earbuds as per our research. This is just our recommendation as per the features provided in the earbuds listed below.

Best Noise Isolating Earbuds - Our Best Pick

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 - Best Noise Isolating Earbud

Our research says that this is the best buying noise-isolating product available in the market at present. Some of the essential features of Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 are listed below.

  • It has a high sound isolation capacity of up to 35 dB. This is the highest in the market provided by any product as of now.
  • It provides maximum comfort with its soft earbuds. You might not even feel like shutting your music and removing the earbuds for hours.
  • The most impressive feature of this product is its parts availability in case of any part failure.
  • The sound quality provided by this product is rich and accurate. You might listen to any music ranging from pop to classic.
  • It comes at the best price of around $300 with all the features you might get in an earbud ranging with a budget 2-times of USD 300.

Since it comes with 80 ohms, you need to attach an amp to hear the music at a louder noise on your smartphones. The only disadvantage that we see in this product so far. 

2. Sennheiser HD25 - Best On-ear Noise-Isolating Headphone

This is rated as the best on-ear noise-isolating headphone. This classic Sennheiser headphone brings the below-listed advantages along with it.

Advantages of purchasing Sennheiser HD25 

  • This product comes with a noise-isolation capacity of up to 30 dB, which is quite notable.

  • With a velour earpads, this headphone becomes the most comfortable ones in their category of headphones.

  • The design of this headphone is made to give better durability to it.

  • You might end up listening better and clear sound that creates a moment to cherish for you.

The only disadvantage that comes attached to this product is its non-foldable design. But, this disadvantage isn't so hard to compromise on.

3. Etymotic Research HF5 - Best In-ear Monitors

It is considered as the best in-ear monitors that help you in isolating the background noise to direct your focus on the music. And it is even considered as the best in-ear monitors with the price it comes for presently.

Some of the pros that come attached to this product are listed below that can help you compare better with the other products available in the same category in the market.


  • This product provides a noise-isolation capacity of 35-43 dB, the best of which you might not get in any other product.
  • Ear tips provided in the product are best-in-class.
  • You pay something around $100, which is the best price for any product with the features it comes with.
  • The best Etymotic standard sound quality that gives you the best music experience.

With the amount you pay for this product, you may have to compromise on its durability and awkward design it holds.

This brings to a crucial topic of who should buy these earbuds.

  • Someone who works in a very noisy work environment. Using the above-listed products, you may keep yourself concentrated on your work.
  • These products are specifically designed for gym users who need some concentration in their workout. No distraction at the time of exercise is recommended.
  • Are you an often traveler? Then this product is made for you. It helps you to sleep even in a noisy environment like public transport. 

4. Audio Technica ATH - M50X - Best Over-Ear Headphones

If you are in love with bass, then Audio Technica ATH-M50X is the best over-ear headphones available in the market. It is a perfect blend of noise-isolating headphones and better bass.

Some of the great qualities that come with this pair of headphones that made us list them on our list are as mentioned below.

Qualities of Audio Technica ATH - M50X

  • Best noise isolating capacity in the over-ear category. It provides isolation up to 36 dB which is quite interesting.
  • The material that is used in the production of Audio Technica ATH-M50X is best in this category.
  • The design is made in a way that can help you to fold the headphones and detach the chords easily.
  • The signature feature is its bass quality. 

The only problem with Audio Technica ATH - M50X is that it will not be recommendable for someone with specks.

5. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO - Best Value For Money

Value for your money headphones, very commonly used for Sennheiser HD 280 PRO. This pair of headphones are the most affordable noise-isolating headphones in the over-ear category. Along with its cost, there are some other features too which we want to disclose here.

Additional features

  • It provides nice noise isolation of up to 32 dB.

  • Quite comfortable for every age group of people.

  • It is advisable for fun music, modern music, gaming, etc.

Everything that we purchase from the market has some qualities as well as cons associated with it. Similarly, for Sennheiser HD 280 PRO, since you have to bare less cost, the material used in the production is of low quality as compared to other headphones.

This brings to a crucial topic of who should buy these earbuds.

  • Someone who works in a very noisy work environment. Using the above-listed products, you may keep yourself concentrated on your work.

  • These products are specifically designed for gym users who need some concentration in their workout. No distraction at the time of exercise is recommended.

  • Are you an often traveler? Then this product is made for you. It helps you to sleep even in a noisy environment like public transport.

Products are too many, but the wise selection can make your work more easy and efficient.

"Choose the right and see your future bright!"

FAQs on Noise Isolating Earbuds

What are noise isolating earbuds?

Noise Isolating is the feature that enables in-ear headphones to prevent external sounds that is up to 25-30 decibels from getting in. So, you only hear the audio coming from the earbuds.

How do noise isolating earbuds work?

Noise isolating earbuds reduce the amount of noise coming in mostly by design. Well, active noise canceling earphones is better for removing external sound completely.

How noise-isolation is measured?

Noise isolation is measured by comparing the quietness sound that can be heard when the earphones are placed and when they are off. It's called the Real Ear Attenuation Threshold(REAT) method.

How impedance is related to noise isolation?

In active noise cancellation, you need more power to drive the amps in the headphones, this is why they're typically high impedance. For passive noise isolation, impedance is not related.

Will All Types of Eartips Will Isolate The Noise Equally?

No. Some eartips isolate noise better than others. Silicone bi-flange and tri-flange eartips are good insulators, likewise the comply foam eartips.

Best Noise Isolating Earbuds

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