Best USB Powered Speakers – 2021 Edition

Plenty of discussions are arguments that have happened and will happen when the question is to know which is the best-powered speaker presently available to purchase. Such questions usually come down to personal preference. And it is so obvious that someone would prefer JBL whereas someone would prefer Logitech. Everyone has their own choice. In case, if you really need some advice on the top-rated powered speakers, then here we are to help you. But before heading to our list, let us, deep-dive, in some of the important aspects of the speakers, viz. its history.

Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish inventor, brought in the concept of speakers with his invention of the telephone in 1876. And since then, the world has seen a lot of changes and improvements in the way of working as well as the technology used.

The first powered speaker was introduced in the market by JBL in 1964. Followed, by the first studio monitor in 1967. Designs and technologies have ruled the globe in the case of powered speakers. We meant to say, who might have even thought of speakers getting connected with your phone using the wireless technology i.e., Bluetooth. In fact, the inventor of Bluetooth would have not thought of its usage.

Human beings are creative and always in the run to find something original and innovative. In this run, they have been successful in finding some of the innovative and entertaining USB speakers that can convert your normal home television to home theatre, a normal Laptop or Desktop to a gaming station, and many more. The technology has even made it possible to connect these speakers to your small smartphones and enjoy your evenings.

Make the most of the opportunities you get!” – This is what humans have inculcated in them since birth.

This finally brings us to our main list of discussions where we have brought the top five USB-powered, speakers that you may purchase as per your requirements and needs. Please note, we were able to list them on the basis of general criteria usually people have at the time of purchasing a powered speaker. So don’t get confused. Just select the one you feel can better suffice your needs.

Best USB Powered Speakers

Our Top PickCreative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

Creative Pebble 2.0

Why is it better?

The design of this speaker is such that you can place this speaker on your TV table, or computer table, and slightly tilted upward-facing of the speaker makes sure that sound reaches you clearly. This is especially when it is of high frequency.


Top USB Powered Speakers 

1. PRORECK Club 3000 12-inch 3000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speakers

Firstly, it is an invention where you get a 3000 watts system. A surprising, and an imagination that needs a pat on the back.

A powerful speaker designed to give a powerful sound that is clear and perfect. With two subwoofers, two-line array speakers with four speakers each create 3000 watts of sound.

You can connect up to five instruments at a time. You can connect Guitar, MP3 player, CD Player, Computer, Smartphones to get a powered output. You can also connect it using wireless mode i.e., Bluetooth.

Some of the benefits you may get with PRORECK Club 3000 that made us include it in our list is as given below.

  • A powerful speaker that can be used for your home television, computer gaming, DJ parties, etc.

  • You get this speaker at a very affordable price looking at the features it has.

  • You get better connectivity with multiple instruments at a time. You can use this speaker in your Jam sessions as well.

The only thing that we feel is pretty complicated in this speaker is its operation. It is a bit hard to operate. But if you learn it, it is easy to operate and the best speaker of its type.

PRORECK Club 3000 12-inch 3000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speakers


2. Creative Pebble 2.0 – Our Best Pick

You may end up in love with this speaker in the first instance. The design of this speaker is such that you can place this speaker on your TV table, or computer table, and slightly tilted upward-facing of the speaker makes sure that sound reaches you clearly. This is especially when it is of high frequency.

The speaker comes with a USB cord outlet as well as a 3.5mm outlet. It means that the speaker will not work unless and until you connect the USB cord for the battery and a 3.5mm outlet for audio output.

The bass installed inside the speakers makes it a perfect choice for homely usage. Music with low sub-bass usage will create a pleasant environment for you sitting next to the speaker. Else, it will create a point of distortion when there is heavy usage of sub-bass in the music.

You might arouse at a question, that if it had a problem with bass, then how come we ended it listing in our top-rated powered speakers? We had some better points listed below that made us keep this speaker on our list.

  • The design is so beautiful that you might end up purchasing it in the first instance.

  • Guitar and vocals are clear and perfect. In short, acoustic jam sessions are best with this speaker.

  • It is designed in a way to face the ears that is an optimal listening position for anyone of us.

In short, if your music does not have heavy usage of sub-bass, then Creative Pebble 2.0 is the best option for you to purchase.

Creative Pebble 2.0


3. Taotronics Computer Speakers – Best value for money

One of the speakers that have everything built-in one set up. We meant to say; it does not consume much space like others. Speaker, bass, cord outputs, and volume keys are installed in one small rectangular box.

At one end of the speaker, you have a volume knob. Three cable outputs are provided in the speaker. One is for USB to receive power, another one for audio output i.e. a 3.5mm output, and lastly, one pink colored 3.5mm output to connect a mic or microphone that you can utilize at the time of jamming or gaming sessions.

When we say computer speakers, it is not just limited to the computer. You may utilize this speaker with TV, smartphones, and radio as well.

Benefits of buying Taotronics Computer Speakers

  • It’s is compact and easily installable. It does not consume much of your space.

  • It can be used with various devices. It is not limited to the computer. You may utilize it with TV, MP3 Players, CD Players, etc.

Taotronics Computer Speakers


4. GOgroove 2MX LED Computer Speakers – Best USB Computer Speaker

GOgroove 2MX LED speakers are rated as the best USB computer speaker.

It’s polished black finish and LED lights that glow at the bottom become the point of attraction when you first purchase GOgroove 2MX LED speakers. In case you like dark rooms for listening to music, you might fall in love with this speaker, as the LED lights add to the beauty of your darkroom, and music as well.

At times, people don’t like LED lights glowing always. GOgroove provides you an option to switch off the LED lights in case if you don’t like it.

The speaker has two outputs. One is for USB to power your speaker, and the other is to connect with your device to get input signals (3.55 mm output).

Some of the qualities you need to note

  • You get a good bass response. So it provides an inbuilt capacity to avoid distortion caused because of bass.
  • LED lights add to your attraction and fun.

The only limitation it has is that it cannot work without a USB power source. You need to connect it with a power source for its functioning.

GOgroove 2MX LED Computer Speakers


5. GOgroove SonaVERSE UBR Computer Soundbar

This soundbar is available with a sleek design. You can choose between black, blue, or white w.r.t. The colors.

It has a LED light covered across the volume knob, which attracts you when you are in a dark room and listening to music.

There is a microphone port available to connect your external mic. You can use it at the time of interactive gaming sessions as well for any conversation you might like to carry out during the music sessions.

The USB port is available just for the power input. This USB soundbar does not use the USB port for music input. It uses 3.5mm input for music and microphone.

You have an option to connect your smartphones using an OTG cable. If you do this, you have a brighter chance to recharge your battery very soon.

GOgroove USB soundbar comes with an audio frequency of 90 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It is quite a descent for a USB soundbar to have a bass to reach louder volumes without any distortion.

Features that attracted us to list this product in our top-rated USB powered speakers

  • It saves your desk space as it is compact and consumes lesser space for its installation.

  • If placed right in front of your monitor, you can good to go. It can also be used as a mic pass-through.

You can’t get stereo output with this. Except for this, you get all other features you may ask for in a USB-powered speaker.

GOgroove SonaVERSE UBR Computer Soundbar


There are plenty of other speakers that are available at this moment in the market. All it funnels out to is your requirements. Your convenience should be a priority while choosing a USB-powered speaker.


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