Best Surround Sound Headphones For 2020

Youngsters are so picky and selective regarding any of their purchasable articles, that it becomes easy for us to list the top products in any categories that they demand. Same is the case for the surround sound headphones. 

If we talk about the working of surround sound headphones, then it is quite complicated as compared to regular headphones. Surround sound headphones need to give the same experience from left, right, center, etc. and instead, it has to hit your ears accurately for you to take the right action.

Surround sound headphones are precisely meant for gaming and movies. We have seen so many surround sound headphones making use of ready dedicated software that enhances your experience. But that’s not what it is really expected. You can check the DJ headphones as well.

With surround sound headphones, you need to pinpoint the direction of the sound precisely. You need to understand from where the sound came to react accordingly. Finally, everything depends on your reaction, right?

But we must understand how the surround sound headphones work before we purchase. It may help us to choose the best one as per our requirements.

How surround sound headphones function?

Just like your surround sound speakers, surround sound headphones work with the same principle. There are discrete speakers placed inside your headphone cups that sends the sound outside from different channels.

It works not like standard headphones. Sound originates from different directions and enters your ear from multiple angles. Multiple angles help you to understand where the sound is coming, and accordingly, the reaction is expected.

There is no such significant difference between standard headphones and surround sound headphones. Both the headphones have two speakers attached inside the headphone cups. The only difference in the case of surround sound headphones is that the speakers with the use of pre-amps and mix-amps standard stereo sounds to surround sound. Though the sound coming from surround sound headphones are from the two speakers only. However, users might feel that it is originating from different sources.

When it comes to how the sound is generated, different companies have their standard algorithms using which they create the surround sound. The basic idea is to hit the sound first in your out edges of the ear and to roll it for a while before reaching the ear canal. This rolling ensures the emergence of a feeling that sound is arriving from different directions, thus generating the surround sound phenomenon.

Now knowing how the surround sound technology works, you need to take care of a few points that will help you to select the best surround sound headphones.

Points to keep in mind while purchasing a surround sound headphone

  1. Whether headphone gives you the comfort you expect

Whenever you plan to purchase anything, you need to be futuristic. What should be your requirements? What kind of product should you look out for? Whether the product fulfills all your requirements? All these questions should be answered first before purchasing any product.

The same goes for the surround sound headphones. Once you purchase a surround sound headphones, it will be utilized either for gaming or for watching a movie. Right? 

You will not be finishing off with a movie in 15-20 minutes, nor will you stop your gaming session in 10 minutes. The session might go on for hours. And in such a case, the primary thing you need to take care of is the comfort provided by the surround sound headphones. 

Whether it creates any period of irritation? Whether it fits properly over your ears? Whether your head position remains still and it creates no problem in your head position? All these questions denote the comfort that is created by the surround sound headphones, and you need to get a correct answer to purchase the headphone.

We would say that comfort is the primary requirement you need to take care of at the time of purchasing any surround sound headphones. 

  1. Quality of the audio created by the headphones

Audio drivers, frequency responses, and bass are the three main criteria you need to judge while determining the audio quality of the surround sound headphones. 

Similarly, looking at the brand value also plays a significant role in judging the quality output of a product. It will help you to figure out the reputation of the brand and whether it will be able to fulfill your requirements.

  1. Noise Cancelation 

You purchase the headphones to make sure that you get engrossed with your activity you do while using the headphones, right? If that is true, then a headphone should be able to delete the external noise and keep you focussed on your activity.

  1. Portability, compatibility, and connectivity

You might be using a Mac PC, a Windows PC, or planning to purchase the headphones to use it with your smartphone. But while buying any headphones, you need to take care of whether the headphones are portable with your PC, Laptops, or smartphones. 

Investing money and not getting the output is not advisable. So make sure that you take care of portability, compatibility, and connectivity before purchasing any headphones.

These essential qualities will help you to purchase the best product as per your requirements and without any money loss. 

Now, it’s time to switch to our main topic, where we will discuss the top-selling surround sound headphones available for you to purchase. This list also denotes our top picks.

Best Surround Sound Headphones

Please note that we were able to pick them based on basic requirements like most durable headphones, usually put forward by the people at the time of purchasing the surround sound headphones.

1. Corsair Void Pro - Our Top Pick

All the gaming fanatics, here is our top pick for your entertainment. Corsair Void Pro provides you 7.1 surround sound experience that can engross you in your game. Forget the world, and get the best gaming experience using this pair of headphones. You will feel like you are on the battlefield, and action is happening in real.

The headset comes with 50mm neodymium drivers that promise you to give the real gaming effects and keep you entertained at every point of your gaming session.

Some pros made us keep Corsair Void Pro at the top of our list. Here are those pros.

  • You get an immersive surround sound quality that keeps you engrossed in your activity.

  • Robust bass that gives you a strong realistic feel of the game.

  • It has a special noise-canceling mic that removes the background noise for you to give you the best quality audio output.

2. HyperX Cloud-II - Best Surround Sound Headphone

One more gaming headphone on our list that we would like to describe. The comfort provided by HyperX Cloud-II is at the top. The headband is wrapped using a comfortable cushion that gives you the best comfort you might ask for at the time of your gaming session.

With this headphone, you get an interchangeable memory foam ear pads. Velour and leatherette are the two options you get with the headphones which you may utilize as per your requirement.

Benefits you may get with HyperX Cloud - II.

  • The best comfort you may get in your pair of headphones.

  • You get the best noise cancelation and echo-proof sound.

  • Unlike others, you get 2-years of warranty along with the headphones.

Multi-purpose surround sound headphones, which you may utilize to experience the best gaming session or when you want to focus on any music, and movie sessions. Additionally, customizable G-keys attached with your headphone cups that you may adjust according to the gaming macros to get the best audio output.

It comes with a 7.1 Dolby sound that assures you the best quality sound output for your gaming and movie sessions.


We may also like to point out the best qualities of Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum that intrigued us to keep this pair of headphones in our list of surround sound headphones.

  • You may get this pair of headphones at a very cheaper rate as compared to other top-selling surround sound headphones. 

  • You get the best clarity and audio output with Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum.

  • You get several customizable options with this pair of headphones that can help you to get the output as per your requirements.

A durable solid-steel frame, HyperX Cloud Revolver S comes with 7.1 surround sound headphones. The headphone cups come with a memory foam stitched inside a leather to give the best comfort experience while using it.

The headband is wider than other headphones available in this category, keeping it unique from others and avoiding the irritation you might end up getting after keeping it attached to your head for hours. Also, a mic helps you to chat with your peers while the gaming session is on.

Benefits assured with HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

  • Extreme comfort it promises keeps HyperX Cloud Revolver S unique in the market.

  • You might receive a precise and crisp sound.

  • You get a fabulous noise cancelation headphones with HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

This is by far the best Sennheiser product in the surround sound headphones category. This pair of Sennheiser headphones come with a 7.1 Dolby surround sound that guarantees you clarity in audio output at the time of your gaming session.

Sennheiser PC 373D comes with a USB port, that gives you an option to utilize it for PC gaming. With this, it guarantees to engross you for hours in your gaming session without any interruption in the form of background noise that is canceled using the mic attached to it.

Pros of purchasing Sennheiser PC 373D

  • The ultimate sound quality you expect from surround sound headphones.

  • It provides you with the best comfort needed at the time of immersive sessions. 

  • It is specially crafted, keeping in mind the requirements of a gamer.

  • Mic provided with the headphones is supposed to be used for all the VoIP calls and chatting with your peers at the time of highly interactive sessions.

Though, our list will help you to chose the bright option for your amazing gaming experience, we would recommend you to go through the specifications of the headphones at the time of purchasing the surround sound headphones to give you an idea of how it will function.

Best Surround Sound Headphones

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